Monday, December 30, 2013

Empty Nest: Growing Flock

Two and a half years ago, we had one married daughter out of our five children, and when our son returned from his LDS mission serving in Neuqeun Argentina, we knew we had to have a family photo taken while we were together as, soon, most of our children would head out to college.  This is what we all looked like in the fall of 2011.


But 2013 was a busy year for our family.  We had 3 children marry from December 20, 2012, through August 23, 2013, and so we desperately needed an update.  

When all of our children and their spouses joined us for a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration and an early Christmas, we recorded the event as shown here.  

It has been an interesting experience having our nest so full and then rapidly empty, but to know also that our happy flock grew at the same time that it dispersed.  We feel so grateful to have such fine additions to our family.  Our son in laws not only added stature, and good looks, as did our beautiful daughter in law, to our gene pool, but even better, they added some good listening ears, grace, patience, faith, commitment, many diverse and useful talents, and great work ethic.  We feel so very blessed by the additions as well as the accomplishment, righteous desires, and good goals and accomplishments of our own young adult children.   Each are preparing to be good and contributing citizens as well as Disciples of Christ and we could ask for nothing better. 

2013 was a very lucky (blessed) year for us.  We look forward to wonderful events in the future.

May you too, have a full heart even if your nest is temporarily empty.